Time to Unwind with Neal Shusterman

13 04 2009

UNWIND is the kind of book that makes you look at things in a new light — or at least you try to find the light.  It’s like holding up the isssues like a prism so light passes through and you see colors you’ve never seen before. It’s like seeing the white light that we’ve taken for granted for the many colors it is.

Whether you’ve experienced this powerful book or not, you’ll find the light dancing through these works or prisms that the book has inspired.

To learn more about this book by Neal Shusterman and the many others that this prolific YA author has written, join us in a conversation with the author on Monday, April 27th, from 7 to 8:30 pm ET/ 4 to 5:30 pm SLT.  We’ll meet with Neal in both Second Life and Teen Second Life — now that sounds like scifi!  For more details, visit www.Literacy2Learn.org




2 responses

13 04 2009

Unwind Bookcast

For this novel, I decided to create multiple responses using different genres. First, I chose to create a Wordle. Click on the link below to see the Wordle.


I also chose to write a poem following the format of George Ella Lyon’s poem “Where I’m From” from Connor’s point of view.

I am from the Bill of Life,
From Unwind orders and missed vacations.
I am from the fights with my parents,
Violent and unnecessary.
I am from roses for my mother,
Making good grades
When I know my life is over as I know it.

I am from the back of a tractor trailer,
From escaping a stun gun.
I am from disillusionment and fear,
Running through the woods with two strangers.
I am from rescuing a storked baby,
Remembering the guilt,
Wishing I could go back,
Knowing that this baby will not replace the other.

I am from being rescued by Hannah,
From hiding out with others like me.
I am from cargo planes and the Graveyard,
Wondering what will happen next.
I am from unfinished plans,
Irreplaceable children and a leader who needs
Relief from his own guilt.

I am from Harvest Camp,
From almost being unwound.
I am from friends like Lev,
A savior in his own right.
I am from Risa’s music,
Bringing safety to kids just like me.

13 04 2009

So excited to join Neal and everyone else in the Bookhenge and F2F!

Visit my blog http://mutantangel.blogspot.com to read my review of Unwind (scroll down to the entry for March 7). I’ve included questions for classroom discussion as well.

Also, visit http://www.readmoore.edublogs.org/ to read what my student book club had to say about Unwind.

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