Welcome to ECI 521, Spring 2011

8 01 2011

It’s good to return to the Bookhenge Blog.  This blog has been out of commission for awhile because I was Moodle-fixated but I’ve seen the light and plan to use this blog as a space that I can provide weekly summaries of our live class meetings and highlight special resources/tools that are shared during the week.  I’ll use my own blog, Virtually Foolproof, for thinking more about our weekly inquiries and what I’m reading.

I think this space will work well for the weekly summaries I’ll write because you’ll be able to add additional thoughts, musings, resources, tools, everything as comments.  Consider this as sort of a scrapbook for the class.

I also think it can serve as a place for continued discussion after the collaborative critical inquiries are over.  They are all linked in some ways, and it will be interesting to see how the inquiry topics connect and continue to resonate with us.

So return to the Bookhenge Blog often to stay current and contribute to the conversation.

Class in the Bookhenge

Class in the Bookhenge (Photo by Bill Lovin)




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