Week 1, Mid-Week Update, Wallwisher– Like!

13 01 2011

G’day to Everyone,

It’s fun to watch your trading cards pop up in the wiki.  Wallwisher is such a delightful tool.  Wouldn’t students enjoy creating trading cards for characters in a novel?

Just wanted to take a minute and send a mid-session update.


1. “Live the Questions”

2. Activities and Action Items

3. Check-In

4. Tool Tutorials

5. Google Accounts

6. VoiceThread

7. Open Online Course

8. Course Blog Posts


1.    “Live the Questions” – Thanks for all of the helpful questions on the “Live the Questions” forum.  I’m sure they’ve saved other colleagues lots of time.  Please do return to share your insights.  If you learn something new that you think might be helpful or see a question that you know the answer to, please give a hand.

2.    Activities and Action Items — You’ll find these under Content Creation > Week 1 > Activities and Action Items.  Each of the ten Activities and Action Items for this week are explained in detail with helpful links to tools and resources needed.

3.    Check-In — #1 for this week’s list is to email me so I’ll know you’re out there and working and how I might contact you if email would be too slow.

4.    Tool Tutorials — Tutorials for the tools we’re using are linked from the Activities and Action Items in the wiki.  These include Google Docs, VoiceThread, and Diigo for this week.  They’re also linked from the “Personal Learning Space” where you will find lots of tools and tutorials.

5.    Google Accounts – even though NC State now uses Gmail for your official email accounts, you’ll still need to sign up for a Google account to create your Reflective Assessment Portfolio in Google Docs.  You can use any email address you’d like.

6.    VoiceThread – Remember that you are contributing to the Journey Book VoiceThread by adding your own Journey Book commentary.  You’ll find a tutorial in the “Personal Learning Space” section.  I’ll post the image I labeled below.  You’ll know you’ve succeeded when you see your image around the Journey Book VoiceThread on the wiki homepage.  I know you’ll enjoy this tool.  It’s not a freebie as most we’ll use, but many schools do find it to be well worth the subscription price.

7.  Open Online Course

We’re fortunate to have six non-credit teachers/librarians/NCDPI consultants/and college instructors sign up today to join us.  All are experienced and eager to update their knowledge of young adult literature.  For them, the course will be a “smorgasbord” from which they will select what they’d like.  Can’t wait to see what they bring to the table.

8.  Course Blog Posts

I’ll post these weekly and occasional mid-weekly letters to the course blog so they’ll always be convenient for you.  Please do post comments/questions/musings there as you’d like.  The “Live the Questions” forum is more of a “how-to” while this blog is a chance to dialogue about the course, how it’s going, ideas you’d like to share, etc.  Consider it a public forum for input.

Enjoy both the creative activities and the new tools you’ll learn to create them.  Just let me know when questions arise.




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