New Year, New You! Avatar Makeovers and Second Life Multiple Intelligences

24 01 2011

Looking forward to meeting many of you for the first time in the Bookhenge on Monday, January 24.  We’ll gather there to learn how to personalize our avatars and develop the Second Life “Multiple Intelligences” that we’ll need.

We’ll plan on doing some skill-building and basic “need-to-know” work first when we begin at 7 pm ET.  It may, no, it will be a bit chaotic as we test mics and bring everyone into the group, so please be patient and provide all the support you can.   When you learn something, please pass it on.  Then we’ll be ready for Bill aka Ajax’s presentation on how to design your avatar.   Don’t think that designing or personalizing your avatar is a trivial thing.  Everyone likes to show a little personality in the actual and virtual world.

Showing lots of personality . . .

So plan on joining us in the Bookhenge if you have your basic avatar and are ready for your makeover or if you’re curious about Second Life but haven’t made the plunge then you can participate via UStream.  You’ll find both links on the Bookhenge 2011 wiki site.  I’ll place them here, too.

Bookhenge in Second Life (this is a SL url and will open only if you already have the Second Life browser loaded on your computer.  You’ll find all the details you need to get started in Second Life here . . . — don’t miss the “Jumpstart Your Second Life” guide and “New Year, New You: Avatar Makeover” slides (slides will be up just prior to session).

UStream for New Year, New You! (please do create an account and sign in so you can interact with us.  To sign up, look below the screen for the text box.  Type something in.  You’ll be requested to sign in or sign up.  To sign up, simply provide your email and come up with a password of your choice.  Then you’re in and you can chat.)





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