Week 4 Update: Literature as a Performing Art

2 02 2011

Ilene Frank aka Ilene Pratt, a long-time resident of Second Life who joined us in the Bookhenge Monday night, was right – you’re all rapidly becoming residents not only of Second Life but of the digital world. Remember that a resident sees the digital world as not so much full of tools to use but a space to learn. You, in fact, create your personal space and though the tools will change, that positive, engaged quest to become a lifelong learner never will. That’s the kind of teachers we need for the twenty-first century. Remember George Siemens’s quote: “Our ability to learn what we need for tomorrow is more important than what we know today.”

Personal Learning Space Tip of the Week: The Bookhenge Daily

For a quick update on what’s going on in ECI 521, check out the Bookhenge Daily. All the tweets for the day and the links they suggest are included in one clean, visually attractive format. Contribute to the Twitter stream and you’ll be an author of the Bookhenge Daily — http://paper.li/Cris2B/1291523813 (I’ve added this link to the Bookhenge Wiki navigation list for easy access). Please do get in the habit of tweeting each time you blog or find a great resource that’s relevant for the course. Don’t forget to use the hashtag “#bookhenge” (no quotes). And, please do use the “bookhenge” tag on your bookcasts and blogs. For blog posts, please add “bookhenge” to the body of your post somewhere. At the end is fine.

The Bookhenge Daily -- created with Paper.li

This Week’s Theme: “Literature as a Performing Art”

Activities and Action Items

1. Produce Your Third Printz Bookcast – you’ve got the hang of it now. Stretch a bit more. Do remember to tag with “bookhenge.” Heads-Up: Complete this bookcast by Monday at 8 am so we can prepare for the Bookcast Festival that night.

2. Screen One of Your Bookcasts! Just let me know in your RAP, email, tweet, etc., which bookcast you’d like to screen in the Bookhenge for our next class, Monday, Feb. 7.

3. Contribute to a “Literature as a Performing Art” Discussion
Prepare to contribute to a discussion about bookcasting and other ways to provide students with opportunities to “perform” to literature. Several of our “guiding principles” included finding a diversity of ways for students to create. Blog if you’d like and be sure to tweet a heads-up for us!

4. Reflect and Self-Assess in Your RAP. Remember that it’s not too early to begin a dialogue about your Action Learning Project.

Enjoy your week! Create, take care, and keep in touch!




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