MidWeek 4: Time for Bookcast Fest!

4 02 2011

The big news is that DH Hill is sponsoring NC State’s Campus MovieFest again and offering lots of technical support and loan of equipment for everyone interested. Remember that ECI 521’s claim to fame is that Lara Rodman from 2010’s class won the award for “Best Drama” with her “Bones of Iraq” video. Pretty impressive for an MAT student with no previous video experience.

It could happen again! Really. We’ve seen some powerful bookcasts in our class already. If you’d like to learn more, check out the website.

Though a working title, this one shows up on YouTube and embeds.

Tech Tip

It’s a nice touch to give your bookcast an interesting title that looks like a title when you post it to YouTube. As you’ve noticed, this title shows up on YouTube and in your embeds.

Reminders for Monday’s LIVE Class
1. Your third bookcast is due on Monday morning at 8 am ET – according to the Syllabus, RAP, and Content Creation. Since the class is so small, we’ll be able to prepare the bookcasts for screening Monday night in less time. So let’s make the deadline 5:00 pm.

By 5:00 pm, be sure to let me know which bookcast you’d like to have screened in the bookcast and make sure you have included the url in Bookcast Gallery.

To the question, if you are not selecting our third bookcast to screen, must it still be completed and posted by 5 – no, the regular time of 11:59 pm on Tuesday will be fine.

2. Think about how we can create the conditions in our classrooms for teen readers to have multiple ways to respond to literature. We’ll talk about this opportunity/challenge in class.

We’ll be reading Melina Marchetta’s Finnikin of the Rock and a few articles on literary quality to complete our Literary Quality VoiceThread by class time on Monday, February 14.

Enjoy your weekend, and we’ll see you in the Bookhenge soon!




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