Week 6: Literary Quality Project Ends and Trends/Issues Begin . . .

16 02 2011

I presented at the North Carolina Distance Learning Conference today – in Elluminate and in Second Life. English teachers who teach online were very interested in book clubs and bookcasts. They see how these can help to create a social presence in a virtual classroom where everything is usually done asynchronously. Without a doubt, some of you will be teaching online some day and I’ll glad you’ll take the book club-bookcasting experience along as a potential strategy.

Week 6
We are thinking about virtual book clubs this week and pulling together all we’ve learned so far about what YA literature really is.

Assignments and Action Items:
1. Plan for Your Multicultural Genre Book Club – You’ll have time in class on Monday, Feb. 28, to meet with your group, so it would be wise to either pitch a book or “catch a pitch” so you can form a group of three by them. Plan so that you’ve read the book, met to discuss it, and planned an “experience – either multimedia or live” for us during our March 14th class.
2. Complete the Promise and Peril Collaborative Critical Inquiry – You’ll be reading from Aronson and blogging for this inquiry. Please plan to have blogged by Friday, Feb. 25, 11:59 pm so we’ll have time to read your blogs and prepare for class.

Your ALP Proposal and also your Lit Review Lite (LRL is optional but mandatory for exemplary grade of A) are due on March 15, 11:59 pm. For your proposal format, there’s a simple suggested format in the ECI 521 templates (Remember to “browse in the template gallery” for “ECI 521” — the space is vital. Select “ALP Proposal.”) You’re welcome to include your plan in your blog or your RAP – your choice.

Ballots for the Melinda Awards

Please complete before 9 pm on Thursday, Feb. 17 when I will tally all the ballot results and seal the envelopes.

Please note that there are two ballots, part 1 & 2, because Survey Monkey only gives you 10 per survey for free. You get what you pay for.

Melinda Awards Final Ballot, Part 1 — http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YXX3QJF

Melinda Awards Final Ballot, Part 2 — http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YFJWRKR

Invite Your Fans

We’re one short of having the 25 fans we need to have this vanity username so the teens can easily share news of the Melinda Awards with their friends. Heck, it will also be easy to reach the library-media specialists this way. They love FB. If you do FB, please do “like” the Bookhenge on this page — http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bookhenge/192883355489

Multicultural Genre Book Clubs

Who knew there is a Jane Addams Award “for promotion of peace, social justice, world community, and/or equality of the sexes and all races”? You’ll find more enlightening information about multicultural books in the Bookhenge2011 wiki if you look ahead to the multicultural topic.

Same for nonfiction and graphica. Check out the Transmission sections and you’ll find many links for exploring new titles.

The Schedule

The schedule will change-up a bit the next few weeks as we approach Spring Break.

Monday, Feb. 21 – No class. We’re substituting the Melinda Awards on Friday night for this class. Thanks to you all for participating in the Melinda Awards. I think most people will be there actually. If not, then please participate via Second Life. You can even stand up for books there. If you can’t make it, then please let me know and I’ll explain how the make-up works.

Tuesday, Feb. 22 – There are no assignments due but I would like to hear about your experience with the Melinda Awards. Rather than RAP, please consider blogging so we can all read.

Friday, Feb. 25, 11:59 pm – Please complete your blog on the Promise and Peril of YA lit. Plan to read everyone’s by Monday’s class. Please comment when inspired.

Monday, Feb. 28 – We’ll return to the Bookhenge for class. We’ll complete our inquiry into the Promise and Peril of YA lit and spend time working in our book clubs.

Monday, March 7 – No class. Enjoy your Spring Break! No RAPs due this week.

Friday, March 11 – Plan on blogging for our multicultural inquiry by 11:59 pm so we can review for Monday’s class.

Monday, March 14 – Back in class where we will complete our multicultural inquiry and enjoy the books and experiences you share.

Tuesday, March 15, 11:59 pm – ALP proposals and Literature Review Lites are due.

Looking forward to meeting everyone actually at the Melinda Awards. I’ll be the one in a tux 😉




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