MidWeek 6 Update: The Melinda Awards! Huge Success!

19 02 2011

Woohoo! We had a great time talking books and whooping it up at the Melinda Awards last night. Thanks to Jen, Karen, Maureen, and Micheline for attending on-site and Shannon for participating virtually. Our on-site colleagues represented our class outstandingly and Shannon kept the backchannel hopping on UStream. What a great idea to encourage Lourdes to begin a Goodreads account (literary social networking site) and share her vast knowledge of YA titles with us! (Lourdes is one of our OpenECI521 students).

We were thrilled that Jonathan Mayberry and his wife watched the archive immediately after it was up and gave rave reviews. It was a huge night for the teens’ winner of the year, Rot and Ruin. I totally agree with them that this is a rare scifi book that is complex with terrific character development and explores issues that are critical for all of us like the place of technology in our lives. It reminds me of Neal Shusterman’s Unwind that won a few years ago. The book hasn’t stayed on the shelves a day since. I highly recommend both.

Got the zombie look going on here with the red eyes! Very appropriate!

One thing to remember as you reflect on how passionate, knowledgeable, and articulate these teens were about books – they’ve come a long way. For ten years, I’ve watched these young people who join the Mock Printz or Mock Newberry Clubs, grow from simple “It’s a really good book,” to a critical review that any of us would be happy to present. It is true that several come from home schools or private schools, but I’m convinced that it’s the modeling that Valerie and her colleague who works with the Newberry do that makes the difference. That and coming to belong in a culture of actively literate readers who enjoy and learn from the inherently social dimension of literacy.

The archived program is up! Check out the Bookhenge wiki homepage.

Assignments and Action Items

Remember, no class on Monday, Feb. 21. We meet next on Monday, Feb. 28.

1. Follow-Through on Melinda Awards – Please do blog about your experience. In particular, reflect on what you may have learned literary quality. No need to complete the RAP this week unless you want to talk about your Action Learning Project. Do remember to tweet news of your blog post and comment on colleagues. Complete by Tuesday, Feb. 22, 11:59 pm.

2. Promise & Peril Collaborative Critical Inquiry – Complete these readings and blog your response by Friday, Feb. 25, 11:59 pm ET so we’ll have a chance to review by Monday’s class. Sooner is better. Do remember to tweet news of your blog post and comment on colleagues. Comment on those that you wish to extend the conversation. A few thoughtful comments trump positive but fluffy ones.

3. Multicultural Genre Book Clubs – I’d encourage you to explore new, current titles rather than falling back to the tried and true. You benefit more and so will your students and other teachers if you discover titles that you can recommend. There are some fascinating new titles on the lists linked from these page: http://bookhenge2011.wikispaces.com/Week+9+Transmission

There are also some tempting titles for multicultural, nonfiction, and graphic novels on the Cybil (Children and Young Adult Bloggers) list — http://www.cybils.com/ Finally, you could take a look at some of the genre bookcasts produced by ECI 521 alums — http://www.diigo.com/list/criscrissman/Bookcasts

Clubs will have at least 45 minutes to meet during our Monday, Feb. 28th class. Clubs will share their books in a creative way — bookcasts, live drama, etc. — in class on Monday, March 14th. Remember, no class on Monday, March 7th (Spring Break).

4. Multicultural Collaborative Critical Inquiry – Readings and response due by Friday, March 11, 11:59 pm. Again, tweet and comment.

5. Heads-up that the Action Learning Project Proposal and the Lit Review Lite (Lit Review Lite is optional but required for an exemplary grade of A) are due just after Spring break on Tuesday, March 15, 11:59 pm. There’s a template in the Template Gallery in Google Docs. Search for “ECI 521” (the space is important).

If you’d like to brainstorm about your ALP, just let me know. Be sure to enjoy the process and choose something of real interest for you!




2 responses

20 02 2011

I just feel honored to be one of the zombies!
I’ve never had red eyes in my pictures (since my eyes are brown); however, I think that this color was the reflection of my astonishment at what these teens were capable of achieving!

20 02 2011

That’s so funny, Micheline! I’ve never seen so many red eyes in one photo. And those that aren’t red are totally white. I guess we were all astonished 😉

Thanks for the comment. I’m still laughing . . .

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