MidWeek 7 Update: First Contact

27 02 2011

Who knows what impact interacting with an author could have on the future of a teen reader? Face-to-face or virtual meetings can both result in magic. Here you see Hannah and Valerie posing with two of the five YA authors at Quail Ridge Friday night (N.C. author Beth Revis, Across the Universe, and Brenna Yovanoff The Replacement) and Hanah aka Wevanna Schmooze meeting with Cynthia Leitich Smith at an Authors Conference in Second Life. Hanah aka Wevanna Schmooze is now in a writers’ group.

Btw, we are fortunate to have Quail Ridge, such a community-minded bookstore that works hard to attract authors to this area. Quail Ridge was one of only five bookstores in the country on this “Breathless” tour with five YA authors. Thanks to Karen for tweeting the heads-up. Also, it’s good to know that Quail Ridge gives teacher discounts. Thank you, Quail Ridge.

Assignments and Action Items

We’ll meet Monday night, Feb. 28, in the Bookhenge. We’ll discuss the “promise and peril” of YA lit, meet in our book clubs, and all who are interested can take a field trip to Chilbo, a cool arts and educators community in Second Life that Jen tweeted.

1. Promise & Peril Collaborative Critical Inquiry – Complete these readings and blog your response by Friday, Feb. 25, 11:59 pm ET so we’ll have a chance to review by Monday’s class. Sooner is better. Do remember to tweet news of your blog post and comment on colleagues. Comment on those that you wish to extend the conversation. A few thoughtful comments trump positive but fluffy ones. There are no expectations that you respond to all blogs.

2. Multicultural Genre Book Clubs – Clubs will have at least 45 minutes to meet during our Monday, Feb. 28th class. Clubs will share their books in a creative way — bookcasts, live drama, etc. — in class on Monday, March 14th. Remember, no class on Monday, March 7th (Spring Break).

3. Heads-up that the Action Learning Project Proposal and the Lit Review Lite (Lit Review Lite is optional but required for an exemplary grade of A) are due just after Spring break on Tuesday, March 15, 11:59 pm. There’s a template in the Template Gallery in Google Docs. Search for “ECI 521” (the space is important).

If you’d like to brainstorm about your ALP, just let me know. I’m happy to talk via phone, Skype; meet in the Bookhenge or F2F.

Be sure and enjoy the process and choose something that really interests you.




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