Week 9 — Whose Face Do I See? Multicultural YA Lit

12 03 2011

Hope you got what you needed from Spring Break and you’re ready for the second half of ECI 521.

ALPs seem to be shaping up nicely. There’s a great deal of interest in the classics-YAL bridge so please do be sure to Diigo and Tweet helpful resources so everyone can benefit. Remember that our Diigo group list

We’re looking forward to the Multicultural Book Club presentations on Monday in the Bookhenge. Please let me know how Ajax and I can help prepare the Bookhenge for you.

Activities and Action Items

1. Read and respond with a blog post to our reading on multicultural literature. Was due by Friday, March 11, 11:59 pm – now due as soon as possible so others may read and respond by class Monday.

2. Multicultural Book Club presentation is due for class on Monday, March 14. A bookcast, dramatic performance, some type of Reader Response, and many other ideas are possible. The facilitator for each club should let me know by Monday noon if there’s a video I need to add to the Bookhenge playlist or anything else I can do to prepare the Bookhenge for your club’s presentation.

5. ALP Proposal is due on Tuesday, March 15, 11:59 pm The ALP Proposal is a template in Google Docs. Just search the Public Templates for “ECI 521” (no quotes) to access it. Or, to save time, simply copy the questions below.

ECI 521 Action Learning Project Proposal
• Name:
• Inquiry Question/Issue/Problem
• Relevance of this Inquiry to Young Adult Literature and how it is supported by our Waves of Change Theoretical Framework
• Project Design (what you intend to do, what aspect of the inquiry you will implement, how you will evaluate your project, how will you collect student feedback . . .)
• Project Multimedia Report (how you intend to tell the story of your project, including what kind of artifacts you will keep and what type of documentation you will do. Also, any issues related to school policies on media and privacy, security that you have researched and will adjust for).
• How can I help? Any burning questions you have and ideas/plans I can help you clarify.

Also, please add your information to our ALP Data Base for easy access

6. If you’re completing the Lit Review-Lite for the “A” grade, then add your paper as a blog post by Tuesday, March 15, 11:59 pm. Please don’t be concerned over any formatting issues. Do your best to follow your chosen academic formatting. If you’re not familiar with an academic style, then I’d recommend APA. Here’s a good resource — Purdue OWL

See you in the Bookhenge soon!




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