Welcome to Week 10: Nonfiction, the Neglected Stepchild

17 03 2011

Still thinking a lot about our conversation about multicultural literature Monday night. I’ll provide a synthesis when I complete the Week 9 Highlights.

But, I’m dedicated to responding to your ALP proposals and Lit Review Lites quickly so everything else will have to wait. I know how important it is for you to get the green light on your projects.

A little about the process – I will write comments on your blogs as I read and then will complete the rubrics for the Lit Review Lite. My comment on your ALP proposal may ask a few questions, give a bit of advice, and may encourage you to begin as planned.

I’ll also make a comment on your Lit Review Lite but the completed rubrics I’ll not send out until I’ve completed everyone’s. It there are revisions to be made, then you’ll have a week to complete.

ALPs are important in many ways. See my blog post about the contribution that two ECI 521 alums made just this week at the North Carolina Reading Association — http://virtuallyfoolproof.wordpress.com

ECI Alum Katie Moore has presented her Quest 2.0 ALP virtually in the Bookhenge and actually at the NCRA Conference.

Assignments and Action Items:

1. Complete readings for Nonfiction Collaborative Critical Inquiry and post to your blog by Friday, March 18, 11:59 pm so everyone will have time to read and comment.

2. Read a nonfiction YA book and prepare to present a creative response to the class. 3 min. max. My advice is to do this live. If you have an image(s) you’d like to share, just send it to me on a PowerPoint slide.

3. Be sure to let me know which graphic novel club you’ve joined by Friday, March 18, 11:59 pm. Prepare to meet with your club on March 21 to make plans.

4. RAPs are not due until Thursday night.

Create, take care, and keep in touch . . .




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