Welcome to Week 11 — Graphica, A Sign of Radical Change

23 03 2011

The Persepolis Book Club succeeded in dispelling some of the mystique that usually surrounds graphic novels. But there’s still much to learn and our guest speaker for Monday’s class is the perfect MKO to teach us. Lauren Nicholson was one of the founding members of the Eva Perry Mock Printz Club – one of the group that you read about in Claire Horne’s VOYA article. A graphic novel aficionado, Lauren now works at the Wake Forest Public Library while taking courses toward her library science degree at NC Central.

Please do share this invitation with others you think may be interested.

Slide from Lauren's presentation

Shazam! Bam! Crash Course in Graphic Novels!

Graphic novels deliver a lot of bang for the page and can entice readers of all ages. Join us for an introduction to graphic novels led by Lauren Nicholson, founding member of the award-winning Eva Perry Mock Printz Book Club and now a librarian at the Wake Forest Public Library.

Where: The Bookhenge on USDLC’s beautiful Star Island in Second Life or UStream
When: 7 to 9 pm ET
More Info: http://bookhenge2011.wikispaces.com/

Essential Question: Is graphica a sign of Radical Change theory in action?

Assignments and Action Items:

1. Complete readings for the Graphica Collaborative Critical Inquiry and post to your blog by Friday, March 25, 11:59 pm so everyone will have time to read and comment.

2. Collaborate with your Graphic Novel Book Club to produce a creative response to share with our class.

3. RAPs are due Tuesday night, 11:59 pm ET.

Heads-Up: Since we only have two book clubs and Melina Marchetta has written five books (Looking for Alibrandi, Saving Francesca, Jellicoe Road, Finnikin of the Rock, Piper’s Son – read about them on Melina’s website, you’ll have a choice of collaborating with a book club to read and prepare questions for our visit with Melina Marchetta or working independently. Only requirement is that each book club and individual must choose a different book. So please pitch or claim your book early using Book Club Central.




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