Week 11 Reflections: Graphica, a Sign of Radical Change?

2 04 2011

Blurring genres! Art forms that encourage interactivity and co-creation! And the digital world is evolving with html5 and the semantic Web. Hold onto your headset!

Some insights/developments/musings from the discussion:

Book Rants – Karen and Maureen have invented a new book response for us – the book rant. Scott had blogged at the beginning of his semester that he worried that bookcasts could seem “phony” to teens if they had not felt a “stirring.” Then after her session on Monday, Lauren lamented that the teens in her new book club didn’t know how to talk about a book. She reasoned that it’s because the teacher always chooses the books and the students are savvy enough to think better of denigrating her choices. Well now teens can be invited to create a bookcast if they connected to the book or a book rant if they felt a strong negative response.

Maureen’s book rant is a poem while Karen goes beyond the criticism to reflect on why she disliked the book. I think that one-two punch with the criticism + reflection nicely mirrors Ira Glass’s story formula – anecdote + reflection.

Book Response – Micheline, Jen, and Frederik collaborated to share a powerful story of Micheline’s inspired by Marjane Satrapi’s child-and-young adulthood in Iran during the Taliban takeover.

Text-to-Text Connections – Scott shared his text-to-text compare-contrast analysis of Abel et al.’s Life Sucks and Meyer’s Twilight series. We’ve not talked about slide design, but I’m a big fan of Garr Reynolds’ approach that he calls “presentation zen.” Here’s a brief article with the basics and a video demo.

Resources shared:
Flickr Poet for creating graphica poetry
RSA Animate for graphica presentations — talks at the Royal Society of the Arts (London) brought to life with graphics

Highlights from Lauren’s presentation (which by the way demonstrated Presentation Zen well):

Lauren explained the difference between manga and anime and shared some examples. See the Manga, Cosplay, and Anime Fashion Show by the Eva Perry teens/

Eva Perry Productions: Anime Fashion Show

Checkered history of comics and the early backlash – Seduction of the Innocent by Wertham

Lauren’s recommendations:

For the archive of Lauren’s session along with her slides . . .




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