Welcome to Week 13: Designing Virtual Author Studies

6 04 2011

This week we’re continuing our virtual author’s study that we began with Melina’s Finnikin of the Rock. As some of you have commented as you delve into your second Melina novel — these are nothing like Finnikin. No pigeonholing Melina! She’s proven herself adept at writing contemporary YA problem novels and fantasy that has startlingly relevant contemporary themes.

We’ll call our event with her, “I Hear It in the Deep Heart’s Core: Melina Marchetta’s YA Novels” after a Yeats’s poem that she quotes in her Printz-winning Jellicoe Road.

Essential Question: How can we leverage technology tools, Web 2.0 and Web 3D, to bring authors into our students’ lives?

Assignments and Action Items:
1. Complete Book by Marchetta and Prepare for Interview

Plan ahead so you/your club can share an engaging response to your Marchetta pick with the class on Monday, April 11. Post questions from yourself /your club to Melina’s Wall. Post by Monday noon so I can prepare a list to work from in the Bookhenge. Be sure to add questions you may have for Finnikin, too.

2. Reflect on Book Club Experiences

Reflect on your book club experiences and come to class with suggestions for how to scaffold book clubs.

. 3. Update Reflective Assessment Portfolio

Review and reflect upon your work this week in your RAP (Reflective Assessment Portfolio) by Tuesday, April 12, 11:59 pm.

Heads Up!

Be prepared to vote on when to hold our ALP Celebration – April 25th or May 2nd. We had two days reserved but our class is small enough to complete our ALP multimedia reports in one.




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