Welcome to Week 16: We’ve Lived the Questions!

28 04 2011

Things have been uncharacteristically quiet in the Bookhenge. But the Bookhenge will light up on Monday night with unlimited excitement and enthusiasm as we share our Action Learning Projects. We’re inviting the world so please share this invitation with colleagues.

Scott's project uses Cormac McCarthy's The Road to lead students to explore multigenre responses to literature. Screening Monday, May 2!!!

Session Overview
Essential Question: What have we learned about the nexus of theory and practice through our Action Learning Projects?

Living the Questions! Action Learning Projects for Teaching Literature for Young Adults

Bridging the classics and young adult literature; developing multigenre projects, encouraging creative responses to poetry, implementing a booktalk coffee shop for high school students – these are a few of the projects designed and implemented this semester by graduate students in ECI 521.

Join us from 7 to 8:30 on Monday, May 2 as students share their multimedia reports and respond to questions about their projects.

WHAT? Celebration of Action Learning Projects

WHEN? Monday, May 2, from 7 to 8:30 pm ET. {Note to ECI students: We’ll meet until 9 for our wrap-up.]

WHERE? Bookhenge on USDLC’s beautiful Star Island in Second Life

Event will also be available on UStream – live and interactive with chat.

Learn more at http://bookhenge2011.wikispaces.com/

End-of-the-Semester Checklist

____1. Complete Your ALP

ALP multimedia reports are due on Monday, May 2, by 8 am ET.

Remember that these must be videos or audio slide shows so they can be uploaded to You Tube and serve as exemplars for future classes.

Here are the specs for the completion of the ALP with a few updates:

4. Produce a 5-minute or less video or audio slide show that shares the story of your implementation and your evaluation of the project. Be sure to include feedback from studens and work samples when relevant.

5. Upload your video report to YouTube and post to your blog by the due date (Monday, May 2, 8 am ET). Promote and curate by adding to our Diigo Group and tweeting it. Note that you can tweet from Diigo for convenience. If you haven’t added your blog url to the ALP Directory, please do so — http://bookhenge2011.wikispaces.com/Action+Learning+Projects

6. Prepare a 3-minute introduction to your video to present in our inworld conference in Second Life.

7. Reflect and self-assess in your blog or your RAP (your choice).

Do be sure to review the rubric carefully.

____2. Complete Your Post-FOKI

Directions: The process works best if you copy your Pre-FOKI, paste it into a blog post, and then read through and add comments throughout the goals section to explain your perceived success in attaining your goals. Bracket or better yet, use a different text color for these comments. Post to your blog by May 3, 11:59 pm ET.

I’ve added questions specific to our class so I can get some feedback on important class components like our collaboration with the Eva Perry Book Club, our use of Second Life, etc. I’d really appreciate hearing your opinions. Please complete ClassEval by May 4, 8 am.




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