ECI 521: It’s a Wrap!

10 05 2011

Grades are in and the semester is officially over for ECI 521.

Just want to thank everyone for your contributions to everyone’s learning this semester. I’ve never had a smaller class nor a more enthusiastic one. I’m still blown away by the diverse interests and creativity that you brought and so generously shared through your projects. I suspect that we will all be reflecting for quite some time on what we learned and will take with us. Don’t forget that all of the multimedia reports are posted to the final ECI 521 blog.

I wanted to leave you with my new favorite quote. Karen and I were at the New Literacies/Global Learning Showcase when we heard a reference to Madeline Hunter, an educator who was a legend in her time for her work on lesson design.

“If you want to feel secure, do what you already know how to do. If you want to be a true professional and continue to grow…go to the cutting edge of your competence, which means a temporary loss of security. So whenever you don’t quite know what you’re doing, know that you are growing.” -Madeline Hunter

Thanks for all of your encouragement as I continue to work at the “edge of my competence.” Please know that you are always welcome in the Bookhenge. Visit us each spring to learn about the latest and greatest in YA literature. The Eva Perry Mock Printz Club will continue to be our guides.

A sad story and a cautionary tale as we do encourage students to create: the “Why I Need My Library” video that the Eva Perry teen group worked so passionately to create has been identified as a finalist. But . . . they will be disqualified if they cannot obtain permission from the musicians from whom they “borrowed” their soundtrack. Yep, sadly, they ignored copyright. I don’t see a happy ending for this, but I do see a lifelong lesson learned the hard way. Please do teach your students well.

Please continue to follow #bookhenge on Twitter to learn of news about young adult literature and related interests. Here are two upcoming events:

Author Alert: Monday, May 16 @ 7 pm ET Sarah Dessen at Quail Ridge Books. Sarah has a new book, What Happened to Goodbye. Sarah is one of the Eva Perry teens’ favorite authors. She lives in Chapel Hill and teaches at UNC. One of the most personable and fun authors in person!

Webinar with Sir Ken Robinson, May 25 @ 8 pm ET. Sir Ken is known for his work on creativity and is one of the best speakers ever – learn more at




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