Session 1, Mid-Session Update: Welcome to the Bookhenge!

1 06 2011

Big to-do tonight in the Bookhenge! Join us tonight at 7 pm to learn more about
• customizing your avatar and practicing your Second Life Multiple Intelligences
• producing bookcasts and how they differ from book trailers or book reviews or reports
• becoming confident about fair use and when it’s copyright or copywrong to use the intellectual property of others . . .
• any questions you’d like to discuss . . .

This has to be my most technologically advanced class yet! Seriously! For all the uncertainty, everyone has entered the Bookhenge confidently and competently. Of course, there will be undoubtedly be some technical problems along the way, but we’re getting off to a great start and we can handle the challenges.

It’s expected and not a fashion faux pas to see “yourself” in the Bookhenge during Orientation. But no one leaves as a duplicate. Click on image to enlarge.

Time for a mid-session reality and progress check. The last of our required Web 2.0 tools will be Google Docs. It’s a tremendously helpful if not elegant tool. Learn how to create your RAP (Reflective Assessment Process).

Be sure and “share” with me via Google Docs when your RAP is ready.

1. Action Items, May 26 – June 8

• Set up your portfolio blog and post the link to our blog directory. (Blog) Fri., May 31, 11:59 pm
• Complete your Pre-FOKI and post to your blog. Tag and tweet. (Blog, Twitter) Fri., May 27, 11:59 pm
• Share Colleague’s FOKI on Class FOKI Matrix (Part 2, Tues., May 31, 11:59 pm)
• Create your 3D virtual identity and begin to develop your virtual multiple intelligences. (Second Life) By your personal conference time — by Fri., June 3, 11:59 pm. Ideally by our first meeting (optional but highly recommended) in Second Life on Thursday, June 2, 7 pm.
• Schedule and complete first personal conference. Complete by Fri., June 3, 11:59 pm
• Read Maberry’s Rot and Ruin and contribute to “The Printz of YA Books” Literary Quality CCI (eReserves, Blog, Twitter, Second Life). Fri., June 3, 11:59 pm
• Read one title (your choice) of the 2011 Printz Winner/Honor Books and produce, publish, and prepare to introduce your first bookcast (bookcasting tools of your choice) Tues., June 8, 8 am
• Reflect on how students can “perform” literature. Blog if you’d like but be sure to bring ideas to our LIVE Class. Tues., June 8, 7 pm
• Set up your Reflective Assessment Process (RAP) (Google Docs) Wed., June 8, 11:59 pm
• Review and reflect upon your work this week in your RAP (Reflective Assessment Process). Wed., June 8, 11:59 pm
• Stone Soup — Generous sharing of connections made, articles, research, resources, etc. via Twitter, Diigo, Zotero, blogging and commenting . . .

2. Bookcast Festival

We’ll be sharing our bookcasts during our first official LIVE Class on Tuesday, June 7, from 7 to 9 pm. Please be sure to have them posted to YouTube and tweeted by 8 am Tuesday, June 7.

3. Genre Book Clubs
Heads-up: Plan to choose a nonfiction book, read, discuss with club, and collaboratively produce a multimedia project by Tues., June 14, 8:00 am. Blakely has already pitched a great book, Spiegleman’s Maus, the first graphic novel to ever win a Nobel Prize for Literature. Yes, it could count toward either graphic novel or nonfiction genre assignment. But not both.

Please share others!

It looks like we’ll have enough people in the class to have three bookclubs for each genre (nonfiction and graphica). Let’s say that if you pitch a book then you’re responsible for closing it out at three members total (counting you). You can tweet to let us know when your book club is full. Then we’ll be sure to have three clubs and not two with an overload.

It’s a good time to stay inside and read.




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