Welcome to Session 2: Getting It All Together

9 06 2011

Did you hear that? Yep, that was a collective sigh of relief. It’s good to read in your RAPs that everything seems to be coming together – the tech tools, the assignments, the process. It reminds me of visiting a new place and feeling tentative and lost the first few days you navigate around but then by the time you’re packing your bags you feel like, well, a resident and that you could show visitors around. Such is the nature of learning.

In Session 2, we’ll have three topics –

Session 2 > Three topics

Navigation tips – Follow each topic to find the Transmission content and the Activities & Action Item or assignments.

For each Topic, there's content (Transmission) & assignments (Transactions or Activities/Action Items)

Here’s a synthesis of all of the assignments for the session – you’ll also find these in the Syllabus and on the Course Calendar:

Heads-up! You’ll find “your” theory on the FOKI Synthesis where everyone has been introduced. Theories have been selected based on your Pre-FOKI but you’re welcome to negotiate a trade with someone if there’s another theory that calls you.

Please note that I’ve monitored and adjusted the dates so there’s a bit more time to complete your ALP Proposal, Lit Review Lite, and second personal conference.

1. Literature as Exploration — 06/09/2011 – 06/15/2011
Theme: Literature as Exploration
Essential Questions:
How can we harness the power of transformative pedagogy, well-respected literary, literacy, and learning theories; and technology to improve the social futures of all students and prepare them to participate fully in the democratic process and pursuit of social justice?
What is the place of nonfiction in the English Language Arts curriculum?

Action Items:
• Complete Waves 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the “Waves of Change” Collaborative Critical Inquiry on Theory and Praxis for Learning Through Literature with Young Adults (VoiceThread, Second Life).
o Wave 1, Personal Expert Theory due by Fri., June 10, 11:59 pm;
o Wave 2 Synthesis, due by Mon., June 13, 11:59 pm.
o Wave 3 Review work of colleagues to prepare to meaningfully participate in the . . .
o Wave 4 LIVE Class discussion, Tues., June 14, 11:59 pm.
• Complete Nonfiction Genre Bookclub — read, discuss, create multimedia response, publish multimedia response, include on each member’s blog, tag and tweet, present at LIVE Class (Second Life, choice of digital tools). If it’s a Multimedia response then plan on sending me the url by noon, Tues., June 14, 11:59 pm so I can prepare a link from the Bookhenge
• Prepare for and meaningfully participate in the “Neglected Stepchild” Nonfiction Collaborative Critical Inquiry — Read, blog (tag & tweet), comment, discuss in LIVE Class. Blog by Mon., June 13, 8:00 am. Comment by Tues., June 14, 8:00 am Review for LIVE Class, Tues., June 14, 7:00 pm
• Meaningfully participate in LIVE Class, Tues., June 14, 7:00 – 9:00 pm
• Complete second personal conference on your ALP and/or Lit Review Lite (Second Life). Complete conference by Fri., June 17, 11:59 pm
• Complete draft ALP proposal and post to your blog. Don’t forget to tag and tweet (Blog, Twitter). Complete draft proposal by Mon., June 20, , 11:59 pm
• Complete a Lit Review Lite (required for an exemplary grade of A), post to your blog, tag and tweet (Blog, Twitter). Complete Lit Review Lite by Mon., June 20, 11:59 pm
• Review and reflect upon your work this week in your RAP (Reflective Assessment Portfolio). Complete by Wed., June 15, 11:59 pm
• Stone Soup– Generous sharing of connections made, articles, research, resources, etc. via Twitter, Diigo, Zotero, blogging and commenting . . .
Heads-up: Plan to choose Graphica book, read, discuss with club, and collaboratively produce bookcast by June 20, 11:59 pm

2. Genre Book Clubs Process & Product

Three book clubs are in various stages of formation. If you’ve not joined one, then please make your choice and contact the facilitator of each club:
Maus Book Club – Blakely @lordblakely Now FULL (Blakely, Frances, and Will)
The Glass Castle – Jenny @jennylomelino Now FULL! (Jenny, Amber, and Matt)
The Forbidden Schoolhouse – Kendra @timberlake_k (Kendra, Susie, ?, ?)

Plan to read the book, discuss with club in a Second Life meeting, and collaboratively produce a multimedia project or live performance or combination for class, Tues., June 14, 7:00 pm. Again, if you have a multimedia component that you need “loaded” for the Bookhenge, make sure to have that to me by noon on Tuesday so I can get it ready before class.

3. Diigo for Bookmarking & Tweeting /Zotero for Lit Review Lites

Here’s where those Dr. Seuss-like named tools come in. When I find something relevant to share, I bookmark it in Diigo and tweet it from there in one smooth motion.

Diigo for everyday bookmarking and tweeting . . .

For more formal articles that might be used for a Lit Review Lite, I’d opt for Zotero because it provides the citation information. Btw This is a fascinating article about the neuroscience of stories and empathy – two of Dan Pink’s elements of creativity.

Zotero for research

See you in the Bookhenge!




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