Welcome to Session 3: Literature as Exploration & a Performing Art

7 09 2011

“The future belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind . . . “ – Dan Pink

Congratulations to everyone on successfully exploring the “different kind of mind” it takes to join our “participatory culture” and create your own media to share with the world. You have experienced the “YouTube aesthetic.”

Annie blogged: “Creating my first bookcast was quite the adventure! I have never uploaded anything to YouTube or put together videos with a mixture of picture, audio, and sound . . .”

To compose with pictures, audio, sound effects, music, and words is a new literacy. And there is such a rich opportunity for self-expression and personal response. Michele recognized this in a tweet: “Really enjoying everyone’s bookcasts. All very different but equally effective!” #bookhenge

This week you’ll be using what you learned to create your second bookcast. Stretch your new-found wings a bit. Try something a bit different. Enjoy the process of creation.

You’ll select the bookcast you’re most pleased with to screen at our Bookcast Festival on Monday, September 12.


1. Prep for Bookcast Festival
2. Session 3, Activities/Action Items, September 7 – 13

1. Prep for Bookcast Festival

Plan ahead to complete your second bookcast by Monday, September 12, 8 am. You’ll screen the bookcast of your choice during class Monday night. Email or tweet me to let me know which bookcast you’d like to screen.

2. Session 3 (Sept. 7 – Sept. 13): Literature as a Performing Art and Literature as Exploration culminated

Activities and Action Items:
• Complete Parts 2 and 3, Synthesis and Open Mic, for “Waves of Change,” the Collaborative Critical Inquiry on Theory and Praxis for Learning Through Literature with Young Adults and be prepared to discuss in our LIVE Class on Monday, Sept. 12, 7 pm.
• Participate in the Bookcast Festival by presenting your preferred bookcast. Remember that your second bookcast is due by Monday, September 12, 8 am. Email or tweet to let me know which bookcast you’d like to screen at the Bookcast Festival.
• Review and reflect upon your work this week in your RAP (Reflective Assessment Process) by Tuesday, Sept. 13, 11:59 pm.

Heads-Up: We’ll complete our Literary Quality exploration during Session 4 and we’ll read Rot and Ruin!

Be sure and tweet news of your blogging, questions, comments, and resources for the good of the class. Enjoy your second novel and have a great week!




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