LIVE Class, Sept. 12, Highlights

13 09 2011

It was a first in the Bookhenge! We enjoyed a visit via UStream from “Jala,” a well-read teen from the Eva Perry Mock Printz Book Club. “Jala” had read the first book bookcast by Ashley — Valente’s The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making and even watched the video since I had included it in the invitation on Facebook. Her feedback for Ashley — “it captured the whole atmosphere really well.” And after a few more bookcasts — “I want to make a bookcast now-haha.”

I hope Jala’s visit will encourage others to join us for special events like our visit with Jonathan Maberry on Dec. 5. Teens over 16 can actually join us in the Bookhenge.

All of the videos from the Bookcast Festival are archived here — Videos for LIVE Class, Sept. 12 as well as the PPT and the entire UStream archive.

Class in the Bookhenge watching bookcasts

Bookcasts were mentioned in several “expert” introductions to theories in Wave 1 and syntheses (Wave 2) as examples of creative, participatory learning that share readers’ responses to literature. The final stage of the “Waves of Change” Collaborative Critical Inquiry is to create guiding principles for learning and teaching from the syntheses and work these into a framework for “Learning Through Literature with Young Adults.” Here’s our beginning framework that we’ll continue to build on throughout the semester:

LTLYA Framework

Click on Image for Popplet! You should be able to edit.




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