Welcome to Session 6 & 7: ALPs & Change Book Clubs

28 09 2011

Our Nonfiction Book Clubs are set, so let the reading begin.  Please plan ahead to have your book read by class on Monday, October 17 (Remember, no class on October 10).  You’ll have time to meet for your discussion, and, hopefully, planning of your performance response for the class on Monday, October 24.

Nonfiction Book Clubs:
The Glass Castle – Ashley, Meg, Bradley, and Ryan
No Choir Boy – Michele, Ian, and Annie

Remember that your performance response is to be a collaborative one.  Bookcasts, as the one for Orange Houses featured below, work great – see other collaborative bookcasts at Assessments — See the Change Project.  Or plan a live performance spotlighting the Multiple Intelligences of the club.  Or create an experience to engage us in so we learn something about your book.  There are no rules, simply guidelines that every member of the club participate in the “performance” and that this performance be something that we can all share real time.  Static or individually experienced Web posters (Glogster, etc.) or slide shows (Prezi, etc.) will not work well to engage an audience.

Remember that we’re doing an inquiry into how best to scaffold book clubs so they’re successful in both encouraging literary response and the development of collaborative skills.  Be sure to read over the rubrics ahead of time — The Change Project Book Club Rubrics

We’ll spend Session 6 on Oct. 3 learning more about the Action Learning Project assignment. The next personal conference should be devoted to discussing your Action Learning Project, so please do schedule as soon as you have a concept you’ll like to talk about.

Session 6 (Sept. 28 – Oct. 4):  Designing Action Learning Projects

How can we design Action Learning Projects that are most relevant to our learning and teaching contexts?

Activities and Action Items:

  • Review the multimedia reports for ECI 521 Action Learning Projects and consider how you will design one that is most relevant for your learning and teaching context. Remember that you must implement some aspect of the project, evaluate it, and then create a multimedia report.
  • Heads-Up: Complete your Literature Review-Lite (optional but required for an exemplary grade of “A”) and apply what you learn to your Action Learning Project Proposal to be included in the Lit Review Lite. Lit Review Lite is to be published on your blog by Tuesday, Oct. 11, 11:59 pm.
  • Schedule and meet for your second Personal Conference by Tuesday, Oct. 11.
  • Review and reflect upon your work this week and your plans for your ALP in your RAP (Reflective Assessment Process) by Tuesday, Oc. 4, 11:59 pm.

Teach well, take care of yourself, and keep in touch.




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