Session 6 Highlights: Planning for ALPs and Book Clubs

3 10 2011

First, a quick review of the Promise and Peril issues that we’ve identified so far in our study of YA literature.
Promise and Peril Chart

We’ll definitely talk more about the controversial issues in YA lit in Session 12 : Making Bold Choices.

Planning Our Action Learning Projects

Three exemplary Action Learning Project multimedia reports were shared and we discussed the relevance of the inquiry questions, how they reflect our Learning Through Literature With Young Adults Pedagogical Framework, how feedback from students was gained, and the effectiveness of the multimedia report.

Lara’s ALP on choosing books for young adults

Jen’s ALP on YA lit as an MKO (More Knowledgeable Other)

Krystal’s ALP on creating a historical content for literature

Everyone shared their idea, regardless of how nebulous it still may be, in a small group.

Ideas so far:
Annie — Using nonfiction to teach critical thinking; Will need book for lower age end of the YA continuum (6th-7th grade)
Ashley — Exploring how the NC State Common Reading can be integrated into the freshman composition class
Bradley — Relating to world cultures through translated works about teen experiences
Ian — Engaging teens with nonfiction
Meg — Exploring pleasure reading for college freshmen
Ryan — Using music to relate to YA lit; Teen readers create playlists for books

The questions are so rich and diverse representing so many fascinating of YA lit, literacy, and learning.

Remember that the Lit Review Lite with the ALP Proposal integrated is due by 11:59 pm, Tuesday, Oct. 12. Please also add your question to the ALP Matrix This would be a good space for others to list resources that we may find related to colleagues’ questions. Be sure to complete the Lit Review Lite Rubric in your RAP by 11:59 pm, Tuesday, Oct. 12, too.

By Oct. 12, I’d like to meet briefly with everyone just to touch base on how your lit review lite and project proposal are going and to see if I can help in any way. Please be sure and schedule a conference soon.

For exemplars of Lit Review Lites with ALP proposals integrated, see ALP under Assessments.

Preparing for Our First Book Club
Book club project pages are ready for curation. You’ll use these to share your work on the book. Basic information — title, author, brief synopsis, and a few helpful resources as well as interesting ideas for discussion and for teaching can be shared here. The club’s collaborative response will also be shared here as well as posted to each group member’s blog.

We’ll hold book club meetings during class on Monday, Oct. 17th and your responses will be due on Monday, Oct. 24th.

Video archive of the Class




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