Welcome to Session 8: Nonfiction, the Neglected Stepchild

19 10 2011

We’ve been building up to this session for awhile. Our Change Project book clubs have begun with nonfiction titles, and it’s exciting to see the plans that you’re making to share your selected books with us. And with the world! Hopefully, the Change Project will become a resource for teachers looking for YA books dealing in some way with positive social change and your contributions will be much appreciated.

You’ll enjoy Aronson’s take on nonfiction (which is really one level up from a genre, isn’t it?) and on boys and reading. I’ll be curious to see if you agree with him on the gender differences in literary tastes.   Be sure to take a look at former Children’s Laureate Jon ScZieska’s site to encourage boys to read — Guys Read.

Finally, Johnny Gatlin, the Earth Science teacher in the “Creating an Actively Literate School Culture,” has given us  a good model for integrating nonfiction across disciplines.  That teens might read an award-winning work of narrative poetry like Karen Hesse’s Out of the Dust to learn about the Dust Bowl of the 1930s that devastated the MidWest is a powerful way to learn and teach.


Image Credit: Wikipedia

Session 8 (Oct. 19 – Oct. 25): Nonfiction, the Neglected Stepchild Collaborative Critical inquiry Culminates

What is the role of nonfiction literature in learning through literature with young adults?

Activities and Action Items:

  • Prepare for the live virtual seminar by reading the articles, blogging, and commenting on the blogs of class colleagues.  Blogging and tweeting due by Friday, Oct. 21, 11:59 pm and substantive comments to at least three other bloggers by class time on Monday.
  • Complete your Nonfiction Book Club so your bookcast (or other type of multimedia artifact or experience) is ready to debut at our live, virtual seminar (Monday, Oct. 24).
  • Participate in the live, virtual seminar (Monday, Oct. 24).
  • Prepare to pitch a sequential art/graphica YA book for a book club.
  • Review and reflect upon your work this week in your RAP (Reflective Assessment Process) by Tuesday, Oct. 25, 11:59 pm.



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