Welcome to Lucky Session 13: Preparing for Maberry UNDEAD in the Bookhenge

23 11 2011

Excitement is running high for our hosting of Jonathan Maberry in the Bookhenge on December 5th from 8 to 9 pm Eastern US Time.  Here’s a wiki devoted to the event with all of the details about participating, including Jonathan’s Wall for posting questions in advance — Maberry UDEAD . . .  Please invite all the Maberry fans you know.  No need to join Second Life — we’ll stream on UStream as we do every class.  Do encourage those who opt for this venue to create a UStream account and join in the “way-backchannel.”  For John Green’s live session in the Bookhenge a few years ago, over 90 Nerdfighters kept the way-backchannel hopping.

Jonathan Maberry avatarWe’ll use our next class to plan our program with Maberry and discuss the dystopian novels that we’ve read for The Change Project.  I’m imagining that we’ll share our books much as the Eva Perry teens do in their book club meetings.  Usually, there’s a sharing of the basic plot summary along with a personal response.  It would be good to also hear your ideas on how you see this book potentially finding a place in the English Language Arts curriculum.  If it would fit in a larger project related to social issues, and social justice in particular, then that would be great to hear about.

Your wiki page devoted to your dystopian novel should be completed by Monday am.  That will give me (and, hopefully, others) a chance  to review and be ready with questions to ask about the book and the resources you’ve curated.

Ian mentioned zombie avatars.  Ajax is looking for free “skins.”  Let me know if you’re interested — I know Ian is 😉

We’re definitely in the homestretch.  Please plan on a short “exit conference” between now and Tuesday, Dec. 13, 11:59 pm.  We can meet early to talk about your ALP or later to do a brief review of your work this semester.

Here’s the End of the Semester Checklist:

Nov. 28 –
__ Questions for Maberry LIVE, No, UNDEAD &

__ Wiki for speculative novel and prepare to “pitch” for discussion.  A creative response in the form of a bookcast, etc. is optional but highly recommended for anyone who still needs to demonstrate mastery of this objective.  If you have demonstrated mastery, then consider doing simply because you enjoy it or to add another to your exemplar collection.

Dec. 5 – Mayberry UNDEAD

__ First hour we’ll finalize plans for conversation with Maberry then we’ll welcome Maberry to the Bookhenge

Dec. 12 — ALP MultiMedia Report & ALP Celebration
__ Your video/audio slide show should be no more than 5 minutes.  Plan a brief introduction to your multimedia report and plan to answer questions afterwards.  Be sure and post your multimedia report to your blog with any additional information you think might be helpful.
Dec. 13 — Final Tasks
__ Do plan on meeting for an exit conference sometime before this.
__ Your Post FOKI aka final exam is due before 11:59 pm.  What I’d recommend is that you revisit your Pre-FOKI and copy to a new post.  Then for each of the three big goals — development of professional self, literary self, and virtual self — review what you have written and reflect on how that may have changed over the course of the semester.  Do the same for personal goals that you identified.  To distinguish the Post-FOKI additions, click on the last icon in the toolbar above your textbox (it’s known as the “Kitchen Sink”) and you’ll see the A with a line below it.  Click on the dropdown and select the color you’d like.
kitchensink icon



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