Welcome to Session 14: We Host Maberry UNDEAD in the Bookhenge!

30 11 2011

Jonathan Maberry has visited the Bookhenge in preparation for our live event on Monday, December 5, from 8 to 9 pm EDT.

He ran, flew, walked underwater, and basically made himself at home.  All the while, groaning and waving his hulk arms as we dodged him.  It’s as he said, “The big writer guy is here to eat your brains.”

Zombie beard

I asked Jonathan if he’d like to see our questions and he opted for the surprise element.  And even though we think we’re prepared with our question bank organized — this is really our backup.  We draw from the bank to keep the flow going and make sure that our burning questions are answered.  There will be lots of questions from our guests and questions we’ll all be inspired to ask by Jonathan’s responses.  The question bank and structured interview as such gives us lots of freedom with enough structure to make sure we make the most of our time with this terribly busy yet tremendously generous author.

I’ll work up the question list from those the groups have prioritized, make sure all have names for questioner, and send that later in the week.  I’m expecting more advance questions as the media blitz from the NC Department of Public Instruction and Simon & Schuster goes out.

So for this week, prepare yourself to contribute to the production of the event and have lots of fun.  Remember our principles:
1.  Do your homework!  Try not to ask a question the author has been asked a million times before or that you could simply google.
2.  Do ask simple, direct questions.  Your commentary, though interesting, is not as vital as giving Jonathan time and space to explore your question.
3.  Follow the flow and be prepared to ask one of “your questions” that may have been planned for later when it best fits.  Or a completely different question inspired by the conversation.
4.  Have a sense of drama!  If we’re winding down and it’s time for the last question, make sure it’s a big question that gives us a satisfying closure.
5.  Watch your mic 😉  Chances are we’ll have lots of newbies in the Bookhenge and we need to set a good example, not to mention keep the distractions to a minimum.

So we’re pretty much ready for next week’s event.  You’ve two solid weeks to complete your ALPs, produce your ALP multimedia report, and post it to your blog along with any additional information you think helpful and with your reflections and self-assessment.  You’ll find all the details on the ALP Project Specs.

End-of-Course Checklist

December 5th — Contribute to Maberry UNDEAD in the Bookhenge.

December 7th — 8 am. EDT. — Please complete ClassEval at https://classeval.ncsu.edu  Thanks for your feedback!

December 12 — 8 am. EDT. — Post your ALP Multimedia Report to your blog and tweet.

December 13 — 11:59 pm. EDT — Complete your Post-FOKI.  Be sure to have met with me for a brief exit conference by now.




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