Why We Need Young Adult Literature . . .

16 08 2012

Welcome to ECi 521!  The Fall 2012 edition is here!

The course is now open — in more ways than one.  We began exploring how online courses might serve as professional development for all interested educators in the Spring of 2011 and found that the diversity of experiences and perspectives enriched the conversation immensely.  This semester we’re pleased to welcome our largest group of Open participants ever.

The inspiration for the open concept came from my experiences with the MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) run by George Siemens, Stephen Downes, and Dave Cormier.  My experience in the DS (Digital Storytelling) 106 MOOC sealed the deal.  btw I just now checked the DS 106 homepage for the link and for the first time saw one of my humble assignments featured.  I know this is the luck of the random generator but it still warmed my heart.

One of our first activities, fittingly, is to reflect on a “journey book” — one that may have warmed our hearts or rocked our worlds.  VoiceThread works beautifully for this because we also get the opportunity to hear each others’ voices.  It’s a bit more personal.

Seems appropriate to share a video that a production team from the Eva Perry Mock Printz Book Club made recently for ALA’s “Why I Need My Library” campaign. The books that the teens share may become journey books for them.  And who knows, several years in the future, they may be reflecting on them as they begin a course on teaching literature for young adults.

Enjoy the video and welcome to the journey!




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