It’s a RAP! Welcome to Session 2

27 08 2012

The critical reflections for the first ten days of the course are coming in, and most all have in common the surprise at the amount of technology that’s involved.  I’m happy to report that all I’ve read so far have embraced the challenge and see the potential for evolving new ways to teach in the English Language Arts classroom.  We’ve a marvelous mix of highly experienced tech-integrators and newbies and there’s much we can learn from each other.

One thing I learned long ago and have faithfully tried to accomplish in this course is to stagger the introduction of new tools as best I can.  The ten-day boot camp was necessary but from here on out we will learn a few tools when they’re necessary.

The necessary tool for this week is Google Drive.  If you’re an old hand with Google Docs then Drive will not seem any different.  You’ll just have this terrific Dropbox-like function of synching your cloud folders and files with your computer — and vice versa.

I explain more in this video about the Reflective Assessment Process that we’ll use Google Drive for.  Please watch the video so you’ll know what to do when you receive an email from me first thing Tuesday with the key to your own RAP folder for ECI 521.

I’m also available (see Google Calendar linked from the course site) for those first conferences — brief 15 to 20 minutes — so we can meet real-time, discuss your goals for the class, and prepare you for class sessions in the Bookhenge.

Enjoy your week and keep in touch!





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