DIY Digital Storytelling

26 09 2012

I’ve been working on The Daily Create challenges for over 125 days now and I thought I’d share a good example from this week of how we can move beyond the canned music to creating our own.

Monday, the challenge was “Somebody near you is making music.  Let’s hear some sounds!”

So I took a deep breath and learned how to make and record my own music using GarageBand and a Midi keyboard.  Mind you, I’ve never had a music lesson in my life and have no natural aptitude so this had to be really simple.

Here’s the result which I kinda like:

Then today, The Daily Create challenge was: “Love sees no color.” Make a short video expressing that idea.

So I imagined how I wanted the movie to work, found a Creative Commons -licensed photo (attribution only) and was at the “what music am I going to use?” point when I realized my first composition just might do the trick.


All of this to say that there are digital tools that enable even non-musicians to create their own music to use in their video work.  I am so much prouder of this work because I did use my humble little composition rather than, say, Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” and I love Joni Mitchell and the chorus “take paradise and put up a parking lot.”

Here’s a list of free online tools for making music.

And for more on copyright and fair use, see “There Be No Dragons.”




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