Time for Summer Reading!

18 05 2014


My goal for this course is to find the sweet spot where openness and choices make the work enjoyable and fulfilling!

If you enjoy reading YA books, then you’re in for a treat.  If you’ve not yet discovered the joys of YA lit, then you’ll be transformed.  YA lit is just the freshest, most innovative, and, yes, the bellwhether for how literature is evolving.

Is the book dead?  No way, just ask the passionate teen readers from our consulting teen book club, the award-winning Eva Perry Mock Printz ClubDresang writes of the symbiotic relationship between books and the digital world, and these teens are living proof.  They grew up with both and for them reading is a socially-mediated experience, both digitally and physically.

Participating in the Eva Perry Book Club for almost fifteen years has convinced me that the best way to open minds and encourage critical thinking and creativity is to make sure teens have lots of YA books available and other teens to discuss them with.  YA lit is about current issues/concerns even if set in the past or future.  If we read deeply and question our assumptions, as Brookfield defines critical thinking, then we are more aware, and mindful, creative, and possibly more empathetic.  And all of the above can make for a more ethical and socially just world.

The relationship between literature and social justice is something I’m really interested in and plan to study this session.  I invite you to consider what questions you’d like to explore for the next five weeks.

So take stock of where you are with the course outcomes, set your personal goals, and choose your first Printz book!  I’ll look forward to meeting with you for a brief tech check sometime before we meet and talk books on Thursday.

Just let me know when you have questions!




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