Elemental Riffs on CCIs

29 10 2012

So I just posted a description of the collaborative critical inquiry that I hope is helpful as you think the one you’re designing for Stage 2 of The Change Project.

Elemental Riffs on Virtually Foolproof.com

Essentially, your assignment is to design a CCI by:

Step 1: Introduce the inquiry in a way that engages learners while setting them up to activate any prior knowledge. Make sure your essential, compelling question addresses some area of social justice and positive social change. Here’s an insightful article by Grant Wiggins on creating essential questions. This can serve as your collaborative contribution.

Step 2: Share some of the resources you’ve explored in addition to your anchor book by Aronson.

Step 3: Suggest activities to engage and scaffold so students can research this question or related questions they create and how they might look for multiple perspectives, evaluate resources critically, curate their resources, and produce creative contributions.

Step 4. Steps 1 – 3 are recorded on The Change Project wiki page along with a reflection on the group’s process (much like Aronson’s and Budhos’s reflections closing Sugar Changed the World).

You’ll be sharing your CCIs during class in the Bookhenge on November 15.

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