Literacies to Learn

26 05 2014


Learned any new literacies yet?

Week 1 of the course offered several possibilities.  For some, perhaps videoconferencing.  Or blogging.  Or digital storytelling.  Or all three and more.

My hope for Week 2 is that you begin to reflect on how Kevin Kelly’s booking — “a process that connects readers, authors, characters, ideas, and stories into complex webs” results in the development of new literacies that can be both technological and social.  Learning to filter and curate information has always been part of the literacies to learn but the websplosion of resources means these are more important than ever.

And Cathy Davidson tells her English courses at Duke that the most valuable thing they will learn is to collaborate with others to accomplish a shared goal.

You’ll learn more about collaborative learning or what some call “many-to-many” as you prepare your first collaborative peer-led unit. I’ll model the process we’ll use — the Collaborative Critical Inquiry with pre-during-post inquiry stage — using the topic of socially-mediated language and literacies learning.  Learn all about it at Week 2 Collaborative Peer-Led Units . . .

Let me announce a slight change in the schedule — both because some of you have experienced some technical difficulties and time seems short to read another YA book and respond while completing the Pre-stage of this peer-led unit — you may complete your book response by Sunday.  You’ll see this change in schedule reflected in the Syllabus and the Schedule at a Glance.

Enjoy your week!




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